Functional Office Politics – Jennifer Wisdom, Psychologist, Author & Coach

How to Make Office Politics Work For You

“You are not crazy. So, if you’re talking to someone who makes you feel crazy, that’s probably something with that other person. If you’re working with someone who make you feel like you’re not good enough, there’s something else going on.” Jennifer Wisdom

We all have office politics to deal with, even if you own your company or work remotely. If you work with other people, office politics are there on some level. It’s how people deal with each other. Listen to psychologist, author and coach Jennifer Wisdom explain to host Joan Michelson how we can all understand our work relationships and how to manage them in this enlightening and practical interview.

You’ll hear:

Read Joan’s Forbes blog on her interview with Jennifer on office politics too.

“Many of us bring to work (the family dynamics) we were raised with. So, if we were raised in a family where people didn’t communicate directly (for example), we grow up thinking that’s normal.” Jennifer Wisdom on Green Connections Radio

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