Is Biden A “Suffragent”? – Brooke Kroeger, Author of “The Suffragents,” about men supporting women’s right to vote in 1920

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Biden Choosing Kamala Harris As VP Is A Fitting Commemoration Of The 19th Amendment Centennial

“The reason their (men’s) participation in that last decade (before ratification of the 19th Amendment) was so important, was because they had the means and the will to help the movement financially and politically.” Brooke Kroeger on Green Connections Radio podcast

During the fight for women’s right to vote over 100 years ago, male supporters were crucial. Male lawmakers ultimately had to vote to give women that right in 36 states, by ratifying the 19th Amendment in 1920, and women leveraged their financial and political power. 

Listen to NYU journalism professor Brooke Kroeger – author of “The Suffragents: How Women Used Men To Get The Vote” – describe it in this fascinating interview with Green Connections Radio podcast host Joan Michelson.

As former VP Joe Biden chooses Senator Kamala Harris to be his running mate in this historic and crucial presidential election of 2020, as VP-designate, it’s a great opportunity to replay this episode and learn more about how important men’s support is to women’s advancement.

You’ll hear:

Read my orbes blogabout my interview with Brooke too.

“I never had any connections for any of the jobs I’ve had in life…” and, about finding the right job, “you find it when it feels right. Brooke Kroeger on Green Connections Radio podcast

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