Helping Communities Recycle More – Keefe Harrison, The Recycling Partnership

Keefe Harrison

“We felt like we needed a solution, and that solution had to be a public-private connection. We needed companies who were creating the products to be at the forefront of creating the solution and we needed to to bring together the 9,000 local governments who run recycling programs and build a system solution that is also hyper local..” Keefe Harrison on Electric Ladies Podcast

The conversation around climate change and the race to save our planet must include the  impact that is our current recycling programs, or the inefficiency therein. Connecting the local efforts and accessibility with the large scale system is a complex, costly issue that requires creative and forward thinking solutions. 

What is it? Listen to Electric Ladies host Joan Michelson’s informative and enlightening conversation with Keefe Harrison, Founder and CEO of The Recycling Partnership; a non profit crafting innovative recycling programs around the country.

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