Carbon Credits 101 – Lucy Hargreaves, Patch platform

“On the supply side, we work with project developers who are standing up projects all around the world. Um, anything ranging from nature-based solutions to some of the more, uh, sort of frontier engineered technologies that you might have heard of, like direct air capture…and list their inventory on our platform to sell the carbon credits that they’re generating through those projects. And then on the demand side, we work with corporations to enable the purchase of vetted carbon credits via our platform.” Lucy Hargreaves on Electric Ladies Podcast

Managing carbon in the air is job one to keep the planet from heating over 1.5 degrees. There are many ways to do that, and the latest Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report and many others, found that to do so, we need to both stop adding carbon emissions to the air and extract carbon from the air. This requires massive innovation and risk. One company thinks they can help expedite the process by creating a kind of “Airbnb for carbon credits.” Huh?

Listen to Lucy Hargreaves, head of Climate Policy at Patch, to find out about it in this enlightening interview on Electric Ladies Podcast with host Joan Michelson.

You’ll hear:

Plus, insightful career advice…

“The first thing I think is just like, be really clear on what your goals are. Really think about why are you doing what you’re doing, what motivates you? Um, and, and just get some clarity around that…(and) be extremely opportunistic and don’t be afraid to take risks….(M)ost of my opportunities that I’ve had have came from me putting my hand up, taking a chance, doing something that feels scary and terrifying, but that is aligned to my core goal and mission of working on climate and sustainability.”

Lucy Hargreaves on Electric Ladies podcast

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