Your Brain & Heart are 73% Water – Fixing Droughts & Water Scarcity w Dow’s Global Water Leader

1.2 Billion People Live in Water Stress & Drought Threatens Our Food Supply

Your brain and heart are 73% water, your lungs are ~83% water, your skin is 64% water, and your muscles and kidneys are 79% water.  Even your bones are 31% water.

Yet 1.2 billion people live under water stress on the planet – and have you noticed that you’re paying more for produce? It’s the economic impact of the severe drought threatening our food supply.

We’ve all seen the images from California’s drought and other parched farmlands; the rise in price of your fruit and veggies is the result.

Dow Water is one of the biggest players working aggressively to solve these water challenges – as quickly and efficiently as possible. Listen to Dow’s Global head of Water and Power, Snehal Desai explain the innovative technologies that are bringing water to keeping us alive and fed to host Joan Michelson in this fascinating discussion.  These insights apply to any kind of innovation too.

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