Flint Water Unresolved – Talia Buford, Journalist, ProPublica

“(People in Flint) are living in…a war zone…it’s not America. You’re constantly on guard…and feel invisible,” Tali Buford on Electric Ladies Podcast

We were all outraged by the poisoning of small children, as well as adults, in Flint, Michigan as a result of lead in the city’s water.

It may have fallen off the national news, but the residents of Flint still cannot shower or brush their teeth in their tap water, much less cook with it and the stories are gut-wrenching….

A new documentary in production by Anthony Baxter was screened at the D.C. Environmental Film Festival recently, followed by a panel discussion with Baxter and others involved in the crisis, reveals what these people endure every day…still…

The DC EFF panel was led by Talia Buford, an environmental justice reporter who brings a fascinating perspective, because she is a native of Flint – and her mom still lives there.

Listen to host Joan Michelson’s conversation with Talia about the crisis and you’ll never look at water the same again. (This was recorded as Green Connections Radio.)

You’ll hear about:

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