Nature Walks 4 Kids – Alisha Camacho, Anacostia Unplugged

Nature Walks 4 Kids – Alisha Camacho, Anacostia UnpluggedWe all seek to venture out to nature But, imagine all you’ve know is streets. Imagine that as a result, you’re afraid of nature….as an unknown. Imagine a mentor takes you to the river for the first time, and hikes along the river, and your eyes open….
That’s what Alisha Camacho is doing with her students in Anacostia and she’s producing a documentary about it, called “Anacostia Unplugged,” in this great interview from our archives.
Camacho, one of GCM’s videographers, developed this online documentary series about how going outside is saving lives, preserving the environment, and empowering communities along the Anacostia River while working with kids as an environmental educator.

In her compelling conversation with Green Connections host Joan Michelson you’ll hear:

To learn more about Alisha Camacho and Anacostia Unplugged ( and watch the trailer for Anacostia Unplugged here.
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