Water Science Lessons? Rita Colwell, Gulf Water Expert, fmr NSF Administrator

Stories abound about the potential contaminants in the water flooding Houston and its environs from Hurricane Harvey. But what might we learn from all that water?

Perhaps we can learn something about it from the team that studied the Gulf of Mexico after the catastrophic BP Oil Spill. Dr. Rita Colwell, renowned microbiologist and oceanographer, former head of the National Science Foundation, and now a leader at the University of Maryland, has been leading that effort. And no one was better suited for it.

In this enlightening interview with Host Joan Michelson, Dr. Colwell explains:

She also offers terrific career advice from her own experience – as a mentor, a mentee and a leader always pushing the boundaries of innovation via science.

Read Joan’s HuffPost blog on this topic here, which includes the trailer of the fascinating documentary about their work, ”Dispatches from the Gulf.” They also have short videos with some of the scientists.

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