Teaching Kids Climate – Lynne Cherry, Children’s Book Author on the Environment

“Kids have power.. and once kids know how much power they have to make change, they start acting.”Lynne Cherry on Green Connections Radio

Kids are experiencing the impact of the climate firsthand through extreme weather events and probably don’t understand exactly what’s happening.
As we help kids deal with the trauma of losing their homes or schools in these events, maybe this is also a moment when we can help them understand how the climate works to help them make sense of the upheaval and devastation.

Listen to Lynne Cherry, author of over thirty children’s books pertaining to climate change tell Green Connections Radio host Joan Michelson about how:

This interview was previously recorded at an Earth Day celebration at Union Station in Washington D.C.
Hurricane Harvey might also inspire them to be more environmentally-friendly in their own choices, including as they grow up. They might ask more questions of their teachers, coaches and parents about the impact of things they see happening and choices of things to buy, too.
Books are great gifts – any time of the year!
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To learn more about Lynne and her missions through her books, visit http://www.youngvoicesonclimatechange.com/.
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