Teaching Kids Climate – Lynne Cherry, Children’s Book Author on the Environment

“Kids have power.. and once kids know how much power they have to make change, they start acting.”Lynne Cherry on Green Connections Radio Kids are experiencing the impact of the climate firsthand through extreme weather events and probably don’t understand exactly what’s happening. Listen to Lynne Cherry, author of over thirty children’s books pertaining to climate change tell Green Connections Radio host Joan Michelson.

EcoFilm Festivals 101 – Flo Stone, Founder, D.C. Environmental Film Festival

As the D.C. Environmental Film Festival celebrates its 25th anniversary, host Joan Michelson spoke with Founder Flo Stone about the festival’s unusual business model, and environmental filmmaking circa 2017. The festival attracted 30,000 attendees this year and reached far and wide across Washington, DC into every neighborhood with its uniquely structured festival. Films are screened… Continue reading EcoFilm Festivals 101 – Flo Stone, Founder, D.C. Environmental Film Festival

Movies Made Sustainably – Emellie O’Brien, Earth Angel

Think about your favorite movies this Oscar season… Now think about what it took to produce it: energy for lighting, water and food for the crew, paper for the scripts, wood and other materials for the sets, cars and vans to transport people, maybe cars and buildings that get blown up…. All of that produces a lot of waste and uses a lot of energy and water, and puts CO2 into the air. Listen to Green Connections Radio host Joan Michelson’s fascinating conversation with Emellie O’Brien, Founder and President of Earth Angel, an award-winning company focused on reducing the carbon footprint of movies and television shows. (I wonder what the carbon footprint is of the Oscars!)