Managing Creativity – Deborah Rutter, President,  John F. Kennedy Center For The Performing Arts

As we cope with complete upheaval in our lives and work due to the coronavirus pandemic, it’s time to step back, take a breath, and find creative ways forward.
Some of us are naturally creative, others of us are managers and leaders, needing to elicit and nurture creative ideas from our teams. But how? Listen to this enlightening and inspiring conversation between Green Connections Radio host Joan Michelson and a master at doing this: Deborah Rutter, President of The John F. Kennedy Memorial Center for The Performing Arts, the nation’s premier arts center.

How Parks Mitigate Climate Change – Diane Regas, Trust for Public Land

“It’s really important that we think about cooling the areas where people are living, working and playing, and parks do that,” Diane Regas Whether you hang out in your local park with your kids or dogs enjoy reading on a park bench, or hiking in a national park this spring, you probably didn’t realize the… Continue reading How Parks Mitigate Climate Change – Diane Regas, Trust for Public Land

Teaching Kids Climate – Lynne Cherry, Children’s Book Author on the Environment

“Kids have power.. and once kids know how much power they have to make change, they start acting.”Lynne Cherry on Green Connections Radio Kids are experiencing the impact of the climate firsthand through extreme weather events and probably don’t understand exactly what’s happening. Listen to Lynne Cherry, author of over thirty children’s books pertaining to climate change tell Green Connections Radio host Joan Michelson.