Music, Public Health & Climate Action – Emma O’Brien, Ph.D., Global Scrub Choir

“The link for us with (the WHO) is about universal health coverage and the sustainable development goal number three, which obviously the WHO places in the middle of the wheel of all the sustainable development goals. But on top and behind and with each other is climate action. We cannot have one without the other. And our role is to remind a lot of people that when they’re making policies, they’re talking about human beings.”  Emma O’Brien on Electric Ladies Podcast

Climate change has a real impact on public health, from asthma and other respiratory illnesses due to CO2 and pollutants, to biodiversity-related risks like viruses, to heart disease, malnutrition and injuries and deaths from extreme weather events and extreme heat. Not to mention the stresses of displacement and trauma of these events.

Listen to Emma O’Brien, Ph.D., the founder of the Global Scrub Choir and Head of Music Therapy at the Royal Melbourne Hospital talk about music + public health + climate change in this truly inspiring interview on Electric Ladies podcast with host Joan Michelson.

You’ll hear:

“if you’re within a system, I think you need to spend a lot of time understanding that system, but also,  never being afraid to question it.… not be afraid to ask questions. Because I found across my career that often I’ll ask a question in a meeting and everyone will go, oh, thank goodness someone asked that question.” Emma O’Brien on Electric Ladies podcast

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