Congress & Small Business & Clean Energy – Lynn Abramson, Clean Energy Business Network

Congress is back in session and about to negotiate the draconian cuts to environmental, clean energy and climate change-related government funding — and having to do so on the heels of the direct experience of the impact of climate change through the ferocity of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma.

The very programs they are looking to cut are those that are helping us manage these storms with the fewest deaths and injuries and least loss of property. These storms should demonstrate in stark terms the need to maintain these programs and even increase funding.

In light of these threatened cuts, the business community is stepping up its game, and one of the important organizations leading and supporting the business community in doing so is the Clean Energy Business Network, which monitors, advocates for and connects small and medium-sized businesses to policy decisions related to clean energy.

Listen to its Executive Director, Lynn Abramson with host Joan Michelson in this engaging and informative interview.

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