Making Gov’t Data Usable – Olivia Martin,

Olivia Martin, USAFacts data scientist

“These are historical metrics for perspective—whether they mark positive, negative, or neutral changes for land, energy, and air (or any other part of American life) in the US is up to you.”

From government funding allocations to cities and states, or even to schools and communities, to how healthcare is administered and paid for, to how clean our air and water is, to how accountable police, gun owners, courts or immigration officials really are – and especially today in the midst of a pandemic – our lives literally depend upon the accuracy of this data.

But try to make sense of it! Enter former CEO Steve Ballmer’s new website to the rescue.

Listen to my enlightening interview with Olivia Martin, a data analyst at, to learn about their collection and analysis processes.

You’ll hear:

“Don’t let barriers stand in your way” and other good insights to help women stay in STEM fields.

Read my Forbes blog on too.

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