Making Gov’t Data Usable – Olivia Martin,

Olivia Martin, USAFacts data scientist

“These are historical metrics for perspective—whether they mark positive, negative, or neutral changes for land, energy, and air (or any other part of American life) in the US is up to you.” From government funding allocations to cities and states, or even to schools and communities, to how healthcare is administered and paid for, to… Continue reading Making Gov’t Data Usable – Olivia Martin,

Sea-Level Rise “Detective” – Andrea Dutton, MacArthur “Genius” Winner 2019

“A lot of these times we see these problems as having binary solutions, it’s either we stay and defend…or we just pick up and leave, but there’s a lot of space in between.” Andrea Dutton on Green Connections Radio
Geologist Dr. Andrea Dutton was awarded the coveted MacArthur “Genius” award recently for her work in finding an innovative way to predict sea-level rise and identify the options for managing it. Listen to her explain her innovative approach – and how that approach might be used in other context too – to Green Connections Radio host Joan Michelson in this inspiring and fascinating interview.

Going to the movies? A Story About “The Post” You Don’t Hear About

Are you seeing the movie “The Post”? Here’s something you aren’t hearing about…. Movies and television productions are one of the most wasteful businesses on the planet. But clever entrepreneurs are doing something about it – and Steven Spielberg took notice. Think about all the energy for lighting and cameras, the sets they build (and… Continue reading Going to the movies? A Story About “The Post” You Don’t Hear About

Earth Science & Climate – Katharine Hayhoe, Renowned Climate Scientist, Time 100

One or the most prominent voices on climate change is one of our amazing scientist guests, Dr. Katharine Hayhoe, who was chosen as one of Time magazine’s “Top 100 Pioneers” and is great fun too. Dr. Hayhoe is an Atmospheric Scientist and the Director of the Climate Science Center at Texas Tech University – and teaches in the Political Science Department. An interesting combination…Listen to her easy way of helping us understand the science..