5 Unconventional Career Tips From Top Women In Data Science

Everything we do today relies on and/or uses data in some way or another. Research on any topic – from covid to climate to your favorite sports team. Your smartphone. Your computer. Searching terms in Google or Bing or Yahoo or on Twitter or Instagram or on any website or platform. The list goes on… Continue reading 5 Unconventional Career Tips From Top Women In Data Science

Return on Impact & Changing Careers  – Joni Carswell, CEO, Texan By Nature

“We say data-based because as you work with both the science community and the business community, the best way to bring those communities to the table is to talk to them in their own language. To talk in terms of return, to talk in terms total impact.” Joni Carswell on Green Connections Radio podcast. Scientists are saying the coronavirus may have come from the destruction of the natural habitats of wild animals due to development, deforestation or climate change – and that there are more infectious diseases in likely our future as a result. What can we do about it besides keep “social distancing” and protect ourselves and other people? Listen to Joni Carswell, CEO of a nonprofit founded by Former First Lady Laura Bush called Texan By Nature, describe their creative data-based approach to conservation and how they are bringing the business community into habitat, water and prairie restoration, to Green Connections Radio host Joan Michelson is this podcast interview. Carswell is decidedly not your typical nonprofit CEO either…..

Sea-Level Rise “Detective” – Andrea Dutton, MacArthur “Genius” Winner 2019

“A lot of these times we see these problems as having binary solutions, it’s either we stay and defend…or we just pick up and leave, but there’s a lot of space in between.” Andrea Dutton on Green Connections Radio
Geologist Dr. Andrea Dutton was awarded the coveted MacArthur “Genius” award recently for her work in finding an innovative way to predict sea-level rise and identify the options for managing it. Listen to her explain her innovative approach – and how that approach might be used in other context too – to Green Connections Radio host Joan Michelson in this inspiring and fascinating interview.