Clean Energy Portable Generators? – Connie Stacey, Growing Greener Innovations

“Energy storage kind of cuts across multiple sectors…vehicles, that’s a big one…and quite frankly, to move ahead with a lot of the smart cities initiatives, we have to look at centralizing storage in order to maintain the current grid, because the grid can’t handle increased load…So storage really runs the gambit in touching our lives in many, many different ways.” Connie Stacey on Electric Ladies Podcast

We can’t transition to clean energy without addressing energy storage. It’s the hub into which all energy sources must connect. But most storage options only work with one type of input, wind, solar or hydropower, for example. Today, as we prepare for the big UN Climate Conference known as COP26 in a few days, when the world will be focused on how we transition to a clean energy economy, here’s a novel storage option that’s unique because it can store any kind of energy.

What is it? Listen to Electric Ladies host Joan Michelson’s truly fascinating conversation with Connie Stacey, Founder and CEO of Growing Greener Innovations based in Canada, about Connie’s remarkable new energy storage technology.

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“Too often people have a great idea but don’t realize that maybe it’s too expensive for somebody to buy… You have to be sure without any doubt that you have a customer. And the second is, you can’t quit….I’ve watched so many of the other entrepreneurs around me kind of fall off, because at some point it got hard and believe me it gets hard, and they quit and I didn’t it.” Connie Stacey on the Electric Ladies podcast

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