Why Glaciers Matter – Twila Moon, Ph.D., Glacier Scientist, Univ of Colorado at Boulder – COP26

“Greenland and Antarctica have been holding vast amounts of water as frozen ice and helping us to maintain very steady sea levels around our coast. And that’s allowed us to build infrastructure, build mega cities, right on the coast where many of our world’s mega cities sit. Now….we’re raising our air temperatures …and that’s adding more water to our oceans, which is arriving at shores around the world… disrupting the infrastructure we built…(and) caus(ing) health and other problems.” Dr. Twila Moon on Electric Ladies Podcast

We hear about melting ice caps as a symbol of global warming. What do they mean? What does the ice caps mean? What does the fact that they’re melting mean? And what does it mean for our cities, towns and communities?

Listen to Dr. Twila Moon, a climate scientist from and the University of Colorado at Boulder’s National Snow and Ice Data Center who specializes in the ice caps – a cryosphere scientist – in this fascinating interview with Electric Ladies host Joan Michelson where she helps us understand what those melting ice caps mean for us.

You’ll hear about:

“So first recognizing that you’re in a continually evolving space of influence and the dreams that you, that position that you were applying for three years ago, take the time now to consider…(that) you might’ve already grown out of that dream and already be able to take on bigger responsibilities or bigger roles. And the second thing is learning how to say no saying no is saying yes to the things already on your plate.” Twila Moon on the Electric Ladies podcast

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