The New Built Environment – Shirley Ann Jackson, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Because 40% “of greenhouse gas emissions come from the built environment,…one has to take an integrated look at the built environment to look at how people live, work, and play. But also integration in the sense of understanding how transportation systems fit into that, how urban design affects the efficiency of how people live, how communications networks play, and then ultimately supply chains because people need things.” Dr. Shirley Ann Jackson on Electric Ladies Podcast

The new infrastructure funding and Build Back Better plan moving through the Senate provide funding to address various aspects of buildings, transportation, broadband and more, to upgrade our communities, while also reducing their carbon footprints. But Dr. Shirley Ann Jackson, President of the revered Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute says we need to look at them as an integrated system.  (She’s also the first black woman to earn a PhD from MIT.)

Listen to Dr. Jackson explain how this new concept of place can serve us so much better in this fascinating interview with Electric Ladies host Joan Michelson.

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“I think one has to start with the idea of not letting others put a lid on you….Be who you are…. You have to be who you are because that centers you, and that can be the source of your confidence to take a risk in order to move into something different…. (And) think about, ‘what do I want to accomplish in the next three months against the larger picture?’” But you also have to compete and to compete, takes confidence.” Dr. Shirley Ann Jackson on the Electric Ladies podcast

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