Empowering Rural Women Through Climate Solutions – Rosemary Atieno, Women Climate Centers International

Rosemary Ateno, WCCI, COMPE

“The question is, why are we having less food?…Why are we having too much floods? Why is the drought becoming too much? What can I do? Because I have no other source of energy. I only have firewood. And this means I have to cut down trees for me to get fire. So, what is the solution?… So, from these questions, then we have a dialogue with them and we start opening up their minds that you have other solutions that you can use towards mitigating these effects… We are doing positive empowerment… that allows you to think through the challenges you’re facing, think through the possible solutions to solve your challenge, and then think through the available resources that you have around you.”

Rosemary Atieno on Electric Ladies Podcast

This International Women’s Day, we want to highlight local female climate activists in Africa who are quietly transforming their communities and empowering local women by helping them find eco-conscious solutions to daily challenges.

Listen to Rosemary Atieno, of Women’s Climate Centers International and Community Mobilization for Positive empowerment (COMPE), explain how she and her colleagues are doing it. Her stories in this enlightening interview with Electric Ladies host Joan Michelson will inspire you. (Electric Ladies was formerly known as Green Connections Radio.)

You’ll hear:

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“In your career, delete what is distracting you and download what you require to get you there. And it requires a lot of persistence.…You must be disciplined in what you do so that you’re able to move the career path that you want to move to. Look at the people around you. Are they having the same vision like you so that you are able to think in the same line, you are able to support each other to achieve the dream that you really wanted? Then I always say, you must have a role model, a person you’re really looking up to a person you can go to for advice.” Rosemary Atieno on Electric Ladies podcast

Read Joan’s Forbes article here.

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