Geothermal Plant Captures CO2 – “Begga” Olafsdottir, CEO of ON Power, Iceland

““At ON Power…combined we produce just under 20% of the energy produced in Iceland…. We are removing carbon from our operations….Plus, we have been operating a carbon removal station, since then, mineralizing and removing from the atmosphere just over 10,000 tons (of emissions) a year.” BerglindBegga” Olafsdottir on Electric Ladies Podcast.”

In a recent whirlwind trip to Iceland, one of the fascinating companies Joan’s visit to that beautiful Arctic country is ON Power, which operates the largest geothermal plant in the country, which produces 20% of the total energy Iceland produces. It’s also removing the carbon emissions from its plants, and partnering with its sister company Carbfix to remove CO2 from the air.  This is ground-breaking technology that can get us to 100% renewable energy, like it is doing for Iceland.

How? Listen to Berglind “Begga” Olafsdottir, ON Power CEO in this engaging conversation with Electric Ladies Podcast host Joan Michelson during her recent trip there, conducted live in Reykjavik.

You’ll hear:

“Women, we have a tendency of underestimating ourselves in general, and I think my advice would be that, if you’re mid- career and you want to take a step up in the corporate ladder…I think it’s important for women not to discount their experience and the knowledge. Try to be a bit bold. If you’re applying for something that is advertised, don’t not submit the application because you don’t check all the boxes, because people are also hired on potential….and you might be the right person.” Berglind “Begga” Olafsdottir on Electric Ladies Podcast

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