Wave Energy & Second Chances – Inna Braverman, Eco Wave Power

“I went for wave energy just because I saw a field that has huge demand, that has huge potential for positive impact on the world, and that nobody’s succeeding in. So, that kind of was for me, I don’t know, maybe a feeling of destiny here. I got a second chance in life and maybe I can make something for the first time in the world, so maybe my second chance will be kind of, you know, worthwhile.”

Inna Braverman on Electric Ladies Podcast

Harnessing wave power has been a challenge for smart engineers and innovators for years, and now a Ukrainian-born, Israeli woman has found a way that is surprisingly simple. It’s early yet, but her technology seems promising and is and earning accolades.

Listen to Inna Braverman, Founder/CEO of Eco Wave Power, explain her innovative wave energy technology in this fascinating discussion with Electric Ladies host Joan Michelson. She also shares her poignant personal story that resonates with today’s geopolitical tensions, as well as with our energy transition.

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“I think that she has to kind of have two factors. One is passion and two is persistence. Because if you’re truly passionate about something, if you really feel that you have this amazing opportunity to change the world, then you would also persist. Because you won’t give up your dream that easily. And, you know, being in wave energy, I always say that passion is the greatest renewable energy source, even stronger than the power of the waves.”

Inna Braverman on Electric Ladies Podcast

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