Ensuring Electricity With Long Duration Storage – Julia Souder, Long Duration Energy Storage Council

Ensuring Electricity With Long Duration Storage – Julia Souder, Long Duration Energy Storage Council

“We look at how long sharing storage can really fill in the gaps when you don’t have wind and solar 24 /7. ….(There are) four families of long sharing storage.….different ways you can store for multiple hours, days, and seasons. This diversity is really important, because whether you’re an island nation, and you maybe have floating solar or offshore wind and you want to bring it in and hold it for when you (need it), every week you want to repurpose it for your ports or your infrastructure, your urban centers.” Julia Souder on Electric Ladies Podcast

The waves of extreme heat, wildfires, hurricanes and tornadoes remind us daily of the need to make sure we can power our lives, communities and economy over long durations – and with energy that is net zero carbon emissions so that we reduce global warming. Renewables are great, but how do we store it for when the sun doesn’t shine and the wind doesn’t blow – or when hydropower plants run dry?

Enter long duration energy storage. Listen to Julia Souder, CEO of the Long Duration Energy Storage Council, explain how it works and where it comes from, and shares insightful career advice, in this fascinating discussion with Electric Ladies host Joan Michelson.

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“I would offer three things of advice. One would be, start looking at boards, even like a local community board, a nonprofit. Just start getting your name out there because you want to build your experience. It doesn’t have to be anything big… My next second point is, it doesn’t hurt to ask, and I have to remind myself to do this too. You can ask questions. It’s not just curiosity, but there’s just a joint learning there…. And the last point I’d say is, when you’re negotiating your review processes or your next promotion, or even a new job, ask for a coach, an executive coach. I think that’s really important. Having executive coaches are phenomenal.” Julia Souder on Electric Ladies Podcast

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