Joan Michelson on The State of Climate Efforts – on Matt Schlegel’s Leadership Show

Joan Michelson

“I’m very concerned about what’s happening to the planet, but I also see the private sector really stepping up…the Biden administration is doing a great deal, especially having just come from COP26. And I interface with people every day who are in the business world doing this work and in big ways and small ways. And now that we have the convergence of the SEC developing reporting criteria to measure climate risk and provide standardized transparency, holding people accountable.”

Joan Michelson on Matt Schlegel’s Leadership Show

The United Nations International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report released today paints a dire picture of where the planet is headed if we do not take action, and fast, to avert climate catastrophe from a warming planet.  In the face of that news, it’s important to evaluate the state of the climate change movement today.

Listen to Electric Ladies Podcast host Joan Michelson on Matt Schlegel’s Leadership show give her assessment of what the private sector is doing to help address and mitigate climate change.

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“You probably can do something in your job, or through your company, that will help you give a voice to that desire to make a difference. If they don’t have a green club or a sustainability club, you can start one, or get more involved in recycling, get more involved in volunteer work…or go do your go research on what the firm is doing,…and say.… I’d like to be doing more in this space to be making more of a difference. And the worst that happens is they say no and nothing.’

Joan Michelson on Matt Schlegel’s Show

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