What’s Philanthro-Activism? – Justin Winters, One Earth

“We’re in this moment right now where we have a very short window to drive the type of transformative change that’s necessary to solve a climate crisis. And we believe at One Earth that philanthropy can play a really, really critical role in actually making this transformation possible….But less than 2% of all philanthropic capital goes to climate and environment issues, and just a fraction of that actually reaches efforts on the ground efforts” Justin Winters on Electric Ladies Podcast

When we think of philanthropy, we think of rich people using their foundations as they see fit, usually in a boring way, though they do make a big difference.  But we don’t know what their money does really.  Enter One Earth, a new kind of philanthropic organization, run by women who believe that the people on the ground know best what will help their communities and save the planet.

Listen to Justin Winters, Executive Director and Cofounder of One Earth – and former head of the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation – explain how they are pooling the resources of both some of the world’s richest people and normal people like you and me to help the most diligent, creative people doing the real work every day to avert climate catastrophes in their areas in this fascinating conversation with Electric Ladies podcast host Joan Michelson.

You’ll hear:

“I would put purpose at the center, and service because we’re in a moment where it really is being ambitious. Doesn’t have to be tied to resources, right? Being ambitious can be about the type of change that you want to drive in the world..”Justin Winters on Electric Ladies podcast

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