Scaling Women Climate Entrepreneurs – Zainab Salbi, Daughters For Earth

“I co-founded Daughters For Earth, a collaborative effort between philanthropists and climate activists and women’s rights activists to get together…to mobilize women and to put more resources into the hands of women. 70% of who is going to be impacted by climate disasters, such as displacement and food security, are women. Women are actually pivotal in two major solutions for climate change, which is to protect and preserve 50% of earth and to shift to regenerative agriculture…(but They are not being invited to the negotiating tables. As a matter of fact, not much is talked about women’s pivotal role… and we are here to change it.”  Zainab Salbi on Electric Ladies Podcast

Women are both the most at risk from climate change disasters and pivotal to the solutions, because they are front and center in their communities, and the primary caregivers of families. Women are starting and running small nonprofits to help address these issue, some of whom have been guests on Electric Ladies Podcast.

Now, four powerful women have come together to pool their resources, networks and know-how to mobilize $100 million to support women social entrepreneurs addressing climate change. It’s called Daughters For Earth. Listen to Zainab Salbi, a cofounder of Daughters for Earth explain their work to Electric Ladies Podcast host Joan Michelson in this inspiring interview.  Zainab is the Founder and former CEO of the powerful nonprofit Women to Women International that raised about $150 million to help women in conflict zones.

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“My biggest advice is prioritize. I really, really prioritize your well-being as interconnected to whatever you’re working on. If you want people to be happy, you’ve got to be happy. If you are working on people to be healthy, you’ve got to be healthy. If you want people to be prosperous and well financially, you’ve got to be prosperous and well financially. it cannot be discrepancy between what you desire and what you’re treating yourself….and be proactive about addressing that because that makes all the difference in your life and for your career, but in your life.”  Zainab Salbi on the Electric Ladies podcast

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