Risk & New Climate-Inflation Bill – Michele Wucker, Author, “You Are What You Risk: The New Science & Art of Navigating An Uncertain World”

How will Members of Congress view the risks of climate change and their actions as they prepare to vote on new ground-breaking legislation to reduce carbon emissions, further the transition to clean energy, and help families with basic costs?  What’s our own risk “fingerprint” and risk “ecosystem”?

Listen to this interview with Michele Wucker, author of the best-selling book, “You Are What You Risk: The New Science & Art of Navigating An Uncertain World” on Electric Ladies, with host Joan Michelson. They talk about how people view risk and how it affects their choices. For example, will the Members think it’s “risky” to vote for this bill? Or that it’s “risky” not to?

“Your risk fingerprint is… a combination of genetic,… your innate personality… It also interacts with other things, your experiences….And lots of social influences, whether it’s within your organization or your country, your culture, your peer group, within your family, and all of those things come together. And they pretty much tell you what it is that you care about, what you value, what you’re ready to risk losing or not.” Michele Wucker on Electric Ladies Podcast

You’ll hear:

And much more!

“Understand what your risk fingerprint is, and the most important things about who you are. That, in turn, leads to the path forward that you’re going to chart through often very, very uncertain times, and will help you to make the choices that you need. That risk fingerprint is like your north star and your anchor.” Michele Wucker on Electric Ladies podcast

Read Joan’s Forbes articles on this here and watch here for her article on risk and infrastructure policy.

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