Making Computers Sustainably – Page Motes, Head of Sustainability, Dell Technologies

Page Motes, Dell

“It has to be cross-functional…It’s really leaders in the product group, in global operations, in services and other groups that are coming together as a governance body and saying, ‘What do we need to do holistically and cross-functionally? And what are all of the different parts that add up to a new potential outlook or approach?’ And, ‘How do we go about this as a collective?’ So it is a different way of thinking entirely as you wrestle with these innovation implications.”

Page Motes on Electric Ladies Podcast

Dell Technologies has been a leader in how to integrate sustainable business practices for over 20 years, and now they developed a concept for an eco-conscious computer.  Listen to Page Motes, head of Sustainability at Dell Technologies, in this fascinating interview on Electric Ladies Podcast with host Joan Michelson tell us about that new computer and how they transitioned their operations to use less energy and water and generate less waste.

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“You need to open your aperture a little bit more in the opportunities.…(Most people) just don’t realize all the different places in a company, especially today where social impact, ESG, and real purpose-driven work happens. They assume it only falls in human resources, diversity and inclusion, corporate social responsibility. They don’t realize that it happens in a broader group of places. And so, the first thing that I really do is…really map out all the places in that company where that kind of work can happen. and I think what they find quickly is their avenues for growth explode.”

Page Motes on Electric Ladies podcast

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