Maximizing A Multi-Generational Workforce – Mary Lee Gannon, CEO & Executive Coach

“It’s about who you are in the process….We have more generations in the workforce than ever before and their life experiences are very different….Look at the other person as a peer.”  Mary Lee Gannon

Multiple generations in the workplace is a huge gift to innovators, because of the wide range of experiences and perspectives they bring to any challenge.  Yet, there’s a tendency to buy into stereotypes of what people of a certain age are like, and these stereotypes can interfere with success. These stereotypes especially hit women hard.

Listen to long-time healthcare CEO Mary Lee Gannon, who is also an executive coach, talk about how to maximize this new workforce and more.

You’ll hear practical advice on:

“ Demonstrate strategic thinking with cause and effect…you’re storytelling.”  Mary Lee Gannon

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