How to Get More Women STEM Leaders  – Heather Metcalf, Assn. of Women in Science

“These women have had networks and support structures and other kinds of community support that helped them get there in spite of an uphill battle….For men, the narrative is that they made it on their own. We downplay the role that mentorship played in (men’s) making their way into a leadership role.”
Heather Metcalf 

“Research has repeatedly demonstrated that diverse teams, especially in leadership, outperform homogenous teams in innovation, research quality, decision-making, and complex thinking and bolster their organization’s financial success,” according to the new research from the Association of Women in Science (AWIS). Yet, the statistics on women in leadership are pathetic, especially in STEM (e.g., only 6.6% of Fortune 500 CEOs are women).

Listen to Heather Metcalf, Chief Research officer of AWIS on their new research on practical tips for organizations to have more women in STEM leadership in this engaging conversation with host Joan Michelson (podcast then known as Green Connections Radio).

You’ll hear:

“Remember what your goals are, what your values are, what you are hoping to achieve,” she insisted, “and to let those guide you to where you need to be. Each person is the one who is the best judge of what they can handle, and what it is they really want to feel satisfied in their careers.” Heather Metcalf 

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