Why Heat Pumps Are “In” – Lauren Salz, Co-Founder & CEO of Sealed

“There’s a few reasons why a building owner might want to electrify their building and get heat pumps. One is that it is a better experience for the people who are living in those units. It’s really, really quiet. it’s healthier, it’s safer…and then secondly, there should be less maintenance cost over time. Just having one system that’s really efficient.” Lauren Salz on Electric Ladies Podcast

Heat pumps are suddenly getting a spotlight. Between big financial incentives for them in the new U.S. Inflation Reduction Act‘s climate provisions, Germany’s ramp up of these pumps to help manage the cold winter as Germany stops using Russian oil and gas, and even Consumer Reports doing a “heat pumps buying guide,” you might wonder what heat pumps are and how they can help mitigate climate change.

Enter Lauren Salz, Co-Founder and CEO of Sealed, an innovative heat pump company that helps homeowners reduce their energy bills. Listen to Lauren explain how these work and more in this engaging conversation with host Joan Michelson on Electric Ladies Podcast.

You’ll hear:

“Career women who are looking to progress in their career (should) really be raising your hand for opportunities and letting people know at work that here’s where you want to be heading and you’re looking for help and advice on how to get there.…Because…sometimes people can kind of get stuck a little bit in middle management, and the way to progress is to let people know that you are ambitious and you want to keep on progressing in your career and you want to know specifically how you can go and do that.” Lauren Salz on Electric Ladies podcast

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