Career Advice From 5 Top Guests In 2022 – By Listener Demand!

Electric Ladies Podcast listeners requested that we air a collection of career advice from our various guests and here it is!  In fact, we’re making it a new continuing part of our series.

The last question in each of our Electric Ladies Podcast episodes is asking for career advice, especially for midcareer women who want to make a difference.  Listeners reached out to us and asked us to publish an episode now and then that is only that advice, so that’s what we’re doing.

Starting today, we will now air a collage of career advice from about five (5) of our guests once a month.

This week, you’ll hear career advice from:

For example, this from Kristina Wyatt:

“What’s happening now is that as this focus on climate….on diversity equity, and inclusion, all of these things are making their way up to the board. They’re making their way to the C-suite, they’re becoming central investor issues. They’re financial issues…. What we need to have is these women who are sitting over in the CSOs office to make sure that they’ve got the chops on the financial piece, right? So, if you need to take courses, learn about how to read financial statements, get very familiar with your company’s financials, understand balance sheets, understand income statements, understand cash flow statements and how they work so that you can really speak the financial talk and understand how your sustainability issues integrate with your financial issues.” Kristina Wyatt on Electric Ladies podcast

 Read Joan’s Forbes articles here.

You’ll also want to listen to (some of these are under the name Green Connections Radio):

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