Neighborhood Climate Impact 30 Years Forward – Jessica Filante Farrington, AT&T, Director of Global Sustainability

“We have now forward looking data, data that allows us to look 30 years into the future and understand how and where we’re vulnerable. The different hazards, by the way that we have, are flood, wind, drought, and wildfire. And what we’re doing with that is, we’re integrating it into the network design and planning processes, as well as the vulnerability modeling for assets that are in the ground today.” Jessica Filante Farrington on Electric Ladies Podcast

We all experience how we lose power to our homes, businesses, cell phones, etc. in the devastating destruction caused by extreme storms, hurricanes, tornadoes, wildfires and more, including due to the rising impact of climate change. I’ve always wondered what it would take to shore up that infrastructure that undergirds our everyday lives. Well now a partnership between AT&T, Argonne National Labs and FEMA, the Federal Emergency Management Agency are figuring out how to better mitigate it – and its free for all of us.

Listen to Jessica Filante Farrington, AT&T, Director of Global Sustainability describe the partnership and its new portal, and what it could do for us in this enlightening discussion with Electric Ladies host Joan Michelson.

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“Don’t be hesitant to jump into the sustainability space because you don’t feel you have the technical chops yet. That doesn’t mean you don’t have to get them, but like don’t let it discourage you at the onset. And it can be an advantage because you’re often communicating with people who are not climate savvy. And I guess the other piece in terms of how much risk to bring into your life,…During Covid, a lot of us parents became sort of the chief resilience officers of our own household. So, how do we manage all the risk and how do we adapt?… I just feel so passionate about inviting more women and having more women to work with in this space.” Jessica Filante Farrington on Electric Ladies Podcast

Read Joan’s Forbes article on this new portal here and other related ones here too.

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