Geothermal Energy 101 – Sarah Golden, Greenbiz, VP of Energy

“Geothermal very broadly put, is just the collection of energy from the heat that comes from the earth’s core. And so it’s, it’s tapped into by just going to underground reservoirs and capturing some of that heat. There’s a couple of broad categories I’d like to split geothermal into from the outset, and that’s geothermal for electricity generation versus geothermal for direct heat applications. And so primarily with geothermal and electricity generation, it is done through drilling into the earth’s crust and tapping into either dry steam… or flash steam…and using that to turn a turbine to generate electricity. The other form in direct applications is usually just tapping into the ground to do some sort of heat pump where it’s primarily used for heating buildings or heating water.” Sarah Golden on Electric Ladies Podcast

The new trifecta of federal legislation – the Inflation Reduction Act, the Infrastructure Investment Act and the CHIPS and Science Act – include a range of funding for alternative energy sources, one of which is geothermal. But most people don’t know what geothermal is, so today we’ll find out.

Listen to Sarah Golden, VP of Energy at Greenbiz – who traveled with Joan to Iceland last year in part to explore their geothermal energy – in this fascinating discussion with Electric Ladies host Joan Michelson.

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“What’s top of mind for me right now is, around recognizing the finite nature of what you are able to do and the way the sort of obsession that our jobs have and the way our economy is set up for productivity and churning things out…….So what I’m working on right now, and I would encourage other people to do, is to respect our finite nature, not buy into the never ending cycle of hustle culture and be thoughtful about where you really want to spend your time and design your work and personal life to make space for that without trying to please everyone else.” Sarah Golden on Electric Ladies Podcast

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