Women Making History in Climate – Rose-May Lucotte, ChangeNow

“Now we are leading a new revolution, which is a environmental and ecology and social revolution…. We launched ChangeNow in 2017 as a social enterprise to accelerate the environmental and social transition…. and the ChangeNow Summit has become in a few years, the world’s largest event for the planet. We gather 1000 solutions from all over the world. We gather over 30,000 people in Paris, all committed to make change happen and to accelerate change…. Entrepreneurs, but also, investors, corporates, media talents, so that altogether we can connect and accelerate change.”

Rose-May Lucotte on Electric Ladies Podcast

As Women’s History Month comes to a close, we are taking one more week to celebrate unknown women doing extraordinary work for the planet and people. ChangeNow, a relatively young company connecting changemakers working for positive environmental and social change, just awarded their Women in Sustainability Awards.

Listen to Rose-May Lucotte, Cofounder and Chief Operations Officer of ChangeNow, from Paris, France on their huge annual event and the 25 amazing women they honored in this fascinating discussion with Electric Ladies host Joan Michelson.

You’ll hear about:

“I will say an advice I was given at the very beginning of my entrepreneurial journey, which is, never under underestimate a meeting. When I mean you’re in your professional life and also personal life, there are some meetings that seem to be very relevant. You have a lot of expectations. And, you have meetings that are random or you don’t really know why you’ve been connected to this person. You have time to go to this meeting, and actually those meetings sometimes are the most powerful ones. So many times I experienced that. So really, never under underestimated meeting.”

Rose-May Lucotte on Electric Ladies Podcast

Read Joan’s Forbes article on the women ChangeNow honored here and other related articles here too.

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