Tea, Family & Climate Change – Cindi Bigelow, CEO, Bigelow Tea

“We’re really a botanical business. And our botanicals come from all over the world….All botanicals are going to be impacted and have been impacted by climate change, and the real challenge is trying to get in front of that.” Cindi Bigelow on Green Connections Radio podcast. Learn how to pivot a 75-year old business to mitigate potentially catastrophic damage to your main ingredient from climate change in this engaging conversation with Green Connections Radio host Joan Michelson. 

Joan Wages of the National Women’s History Museum

One hundred years ago – on March 3, 1913 – thousands marched in support of giving women the right to vote, and turned the tides of history.  Green Connections has a special link to the suffrage movement: GCR host Joan Michelson’s great-great aunt Miriam Michelson was a reporter covering the suffrage movement and one of the foremost interviewers… Continue reading Joan Wages of the National Women’s History Museum