Making Lost Communities Resilient – Jacqui Patterson, The Chisholm Legacy Project

“We are a resource hub in that we engage with individuals, organizations, and communities who are on the front lines of climate injustice and ensure that they have, they know what informational, technical, financial, strategic resources are out there to strengthen their work…So that’s everything from developing research reports to help folks to have the data that they need to make the case…We are helping communities who might be on the front lines of sea-level rise and they know that the waters are rising around them, but they might not know what systems they need to engage with in order to have the infrastructure that they need to, literally weather the storm.” Jacqui Patterson on Electric Ladies Podcast

The communities that Jacqui Patterson and her organization and partners are helping are those that have been left out of the conversations about community resilience, because they are still in primitive condition, including lacking running water – in the United States.  That’s why Jacqui was awarded the 2023 Women and the Green Economy Award by Earth Day Network at the Climate Leadership Gala.

Enter Jacqui Paterson, Founder/CEO of The Chisholm Legacy Project. Listen to her explain how they find these people, how they identify and serve their needs on Electric Ladies Podcast in this inspiring interview with host Joan Michelson.

You’ll hear:

“First off, reject the myth of scarcity, and embrace the reality of abundance. Bob Marley says, emancipate yourself from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our minds. And recognizing that really there’s so much that we can do with that ounce of creativity, boldness, and just vision. The possibilities are endless …If you were to design your own job, what would it be? If you were to design your own business, what would it be?…Think about that purpose that’s going to make them get up in the morning and say, I get to do this today. Because if you have that passion that’s going to drive your success.” Jacqui Patterson on Electric Ladies Podcast

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