The Future of Sustainability & ESG – Joan on “Doing Sustainability” Podcast With Gary Baker

“Corporate America has a very important role to play in this transition. They have the resources, they have the talent, and they are being nudged by their customers, their employees, even their suppliers, their investors, and obviously regulators to do this work. They know it’s the right thing to do…Just as a quick thing to think about is it used to be that the people who were in sustainability were kind of on the sidelines…Now their talent is being tapped into the C-suite because it’s like, wait a minute, we don’t have a choice. We have to do this. And now we have the regulators and we have the SEC. And so that talent is actually has a more center stage.” Joan Michelson on “Doing Sustainability” podcast

How do we “do” sustainability? What role does the Corporate sector play in this fight against global warming? Where do the resources and strategies to do it come from?

Listen to Electric Ladies Podcast host Joan Michelson as a guest on “Doing Sustainability” with host Gary Baker, a branding expert also focused on the sustainability space. It was fun for Joan to be interviewed for a change, so have a listen and let us know what you think.

You’ll hear:

“When I’m doing coaching with people for their own careers, it’s about what parts of you do you want to give a voice to? And a company is the same thing. In branding it’s a personality, right? And so it’s what do you want to put forward first? …And what parts of that portfolio of what you do are most relevant today? What’s the intersection between what you do well, where the marketplace is and the message you really want to get across? And it’s in that Venn diagram is where the magic is.” Joan Michelson on “Doing Sustainability”

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