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Join your host Joan Michelson as she interviews women innovators and leaders in energy, climate and corporate responsibility. (This show was formerly known as Green Connections Radio.)

These podcasts are for you if you…

  • Work in energy, climate, sustainability or corporate responsibility – or want to – especially if you’re a woman.
  • Want to learn about the technologies, policies, people and trends shifting us to a clean energy, sustainable economy.
  • Want to learn about innovation as a process and how to use it to make the world a better place.
  • Want insightful, nuanced career advice (in any stage or industry), especially if you’re female or in another under-represented group.

We talk about: innovation, careers, technologies, policy, leadership, and every industry from batteries to fashion to money and investing – and how they are affecting our lives and our livelihoods. We always bring a new perspective.

Our guests include Fortune 500 C-suite executives, top government and nonprofit leaders, entrepreneurs, scientists, artists, and journalists – all working on a clean energy economy in which women have economic parity (our mission). Click here to download a list of past guests.

Episodes (Newest to Oldest)

We give career advice in every episode, especially towards the end, in about the last 10 minutes of each episode, but often throughout the conversation.

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