Carbon Neutral Space Travel? – Jane Poynter, Space Perspective

Jane Poynter

  “People who have been to space really do speak about it with great reverence. And it is for that reason that we want to take people to space in our car. Neutral zero emission spaceship, spaceship vacuum, which as you saw is not a rocket. Enormous balloons. It’s a very gentle flight. We want… Continue reading Carbon Neutral Space Travel? – Jane Poynter, Space Perspective

Air & Space Museum Director – Ellen Stofan, Head of the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum

“Think about who you’re going to be and what you’re going to contribute.”Ellen Stofan on Green Connections Radio. When Ellen Stofan stepped off the management track to stay home with her kids and work part-time, she accepted that she was probably derailing her career.  She kept a few toes in the game over the 12 year period, working part-time doing a few interesting research projects that she could do on her own time.Today, she finds herself the new Director of the famed Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum in Washington, DC — the most visited museum in the United States — and spearheading its ~$1 billion transformation, as the first woman in this prestigious role. Wait, really? Listen to this fascinating conversation Dr. Stofan had with Green Connections Radio host Joan Michelson.

NASA-Winning Teen Girls, Water – Bria Snell & Mikayla Sharieff, Banneker High, DC

“We wanted to create something that would not only impact our community, but the communities around us.” Bria Snell on Green Connections Radio. Before you drink from a school or public water fountain….At 17 years old, these Washington, DC high school girls won second place in the NASA OSPARC 2018 contest. Listen to Bria Snell and Mikayla Sharieff of Banneker High School describe their water filtration system to purify water in school water fountains — called “From H2NO to H2O” — and how they developed it.

Food & the Planet – w Molly Brown, NASA, UMD

Dr. Molly Brown gives you a new way of looking at a menu and the super market. She’s written a major book for NASA on food security and climate change, as well as your health. She’ll surprise you…. Listen to Molly Brown explain: What to eat and why – from the planet’s perspective How climate… Continue reading Food & the Planet – w Molly Brown, NASA, UMD