Is AI Biased Against Women? Miriam Vogel, of Equal-AI

Miriam Vogel

The next time you get directions on your smartphone, or order Alexa to do something, listen closely.

Did you notice that the voices of personal digital assistants like GPS systems, Siri and Alexa are female? Why is that? Especially when the sophisticated problem-solving technologies like IBM Watson and Microsoft’s Einstein are named after men. That’s what a recent UN study found. But does that mean AI is biased against women?

Listen to Joan Michelson’s enlightening conversation about it with Miriam Vogel, the inaugural Executive Director of the new nonprofit Equal-AI,to find out why they think it is and what they plan to do about it.

Listen to learn:

“The tech space seems foreign to many people who grew up with the art history, history, English backgrounds and the liberal arts and sciences, we don’t feel as connected to the tech space. But it’s all the more important that people with that diverse background bring that in, bring that curiosity, the big picture thinking, the historical context, into the technology space….” Miriam Vogel

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