Hire The Outliers – Joan on Lesley Michaels Show, “Women We Should Know”

“72% of CEOs say that innovation is one of their top three priorities. And close to 70% of them say they have a hard time driving innovation in their organization. I would posit, having been in there and been an intrapreneur myself, that the problem is they hire the wrong people. They hire for what I call mediocrity, they hire based on fit. And they hire based on past experience doing exactly what they want that person to do. And that’s not where you get innovation. Innovation comes from connecting different dots and connecting dots differently.” Joan Michelson on Lesley Michaels show “Women We Should Know”

This week’s episode is a tribute to a brilliant woman who shined the spotlight on “Women We Should Know” with her podcast of that name, and by helping them publish important books. Lesley passed away unexpectedly recently, and we honor her life by airing her interview with our host, Joan Michelson on Lesley’s Show.

Lesley Michaels climbed the corporate ladder in the male-dominated oil and gas industry, and then channeled her frustration with how women didn’t help other women at the time, into a crusade to lift up other women. Last year, she published her own book,On the Shoulders of Mighty Women: A Modern Feminist’s Guide to an Equitable, Diverse World.”

Listen to Lesley interview Joan and you’ll hear Lesley’s magical gift for supporting women – and her own insights as well as Joan’s.

You’ll hear:

“You’re going to change direction like four times in your career. Maybe eight, maybe 12… I’ve worked in different industries. So when you have a functional skill, you can be in different industries. And you will grow, you will evolve. You’ll reach a point where it’s like, okay, so been there, done that. I want to do something else now. That’s okay. Be in tune with that and understand that. As one of my guests said on my show, don’t just go for a dream that you’ve always had, because you might have outgrown that dream now. You might be ready for something bigger, better, different.” Joan on “Women We Should Know”

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