A Climate Cabaret? – Sandra Bargman & Chantal Bilodeau, Artists & Climate Initiative

“For anything to happen on a grand scale, we need to have culture supported… Artists are good at planting these seeds, putting the stories out there and for anybody. The key is repetition. So, if you encounter a certain story, certain type of story in the music you listen to, in the articles that you read, in the billboard that you see or the murals that you see when you walk down the street at some point, it creates a frame that you can start to live in and the changes become something that is natural.” Chantal Bilodeai on Electric Ladies Podcast

Stories. Music. Art. They move us in some magical way that nothing else taps. Why? Why do they matter to climate and energy? Because they can touch us in a way nothing else can, inspire us and motivate us, and we need every tool in the toolbox to address climate change. How?

Listen to Sandra Bargman and Chantal Bilodeau, who created, produced and performed the “Earth Intention: A Climate Cabaret” recently to inspire people through music and the arts to take the necessary action to save the planet, in this inspiring conversation with Electric Ladies podcast host Joan Michelson.

You’ll hear:

“It’s never too late to pivot. I think people who are mid-career, women particularly, we always feel like, ‘oh, my time was then,’ (but) it is never too late to pivot…And the other thing that reflects my career is, don’t feel as though you have to pick one lane. You can pick more than one lane and both of those lanes or more can be successful.” Sandra Bargman on Electric Ladies podcast

You’ll also want to listen to (some may have been recorded under our previous name, Green Connections Radio):

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