Energy Transition Is In Full Swing – Lisa Jacobson, BCSE & Tara Narayanan, Bloomberg New Energy Finance

“The economic information on clean energy is amazing…We’re decades deep in it now, where you’re seeing the cost competitiveness of renewable technologies on an unsubsidized basis…We can do this. We can grow the economy and we can use more clean energy.” Lisa Jacobson on Electric Ladies Podcast The facts in the new Sustainable Energy 2024… Continue reading Energy Transition Is In Full Swing – Lisa Jacobson, BCSE & Tara Narayanan, Bloomberg New Energy Finance

COVID-19 Transforming Energy – Lisa Jacobson, Business Council for Sustainable Energy

We could not get through this pandemic – or run our national or global economies – without energy. Literally. Energy kept hospitals taking care of patients, kept essential services like grocery stores and pharmacies open, kept first responders equipped to respond and transport patients to medical care and communities.  Yet, the energy sector is reeling under the weight of this pandemic, with travel at a complete standstill and offices and businesses shuttered. Yet, clean energy is a bright spot, even though it’s also lost 600,000 jobs in this crisis. Listen to this fascinating discussion with Lisa Jacobson, president of the Business Council for Sustainable Energy (BCSE) on Green Connections Radio podcast on how a silver lining in this crisis may be the critical clean energy innovation coming out of it.

What Will It Take to Get More Women in Green-Energy Jobs?

Claire, Carly, and Arzoo are ambitious, some of the hardest working people I’ve ever worked with. They are determined to make a difference with their college degrees in sustainability and communications. Working with me at Green Connections Radio, they hear about all these cool green energy jobs, and how the average pay in STEM careers is about $7,000 above the average. They listen to successful women and men talk about the industry and the opportunities for rewarding careers in this field. They get excited about their own career prospects. But also see how few women are in this field.